A much needed place

I’ve been fully exploring polyamory for over six months now (despite having identified as polyamorous since I was a teenager), and don’t really have much of an outlet for all of the thoughts and feelings rattling around in my head.  And that’s not healthy, not at all.  So, I’ve decided to start a blog about it.  I know not everyone thinks polyamory is right.  Or healthy.  But it’s how I’m wired, and I have to face it, much as I’ve tried to shove it aside.

Call me Belle.  I’m an interesting individual, if I do say so myself – I’m very much a nerd, and love sci-fi shows and fantasy novels.  I listen to a lot of music, I make a lot of craft projects, and spend most of my life in front of a computer screen.  That’s pretty much the abridged version of me – I’m sure over the course of this journaling experiment, you’ll find out much more about me.

I am currently involved with two people – my husband, who I’ll refer to as Husband, and a boyfriend, who I will call M.  I want to keep complete anonymity here, since, once again, polyamory tends to be frowned upon.  I need a place to get this out of my system, though.  I can’t talk about a lot of this with Husband, and while I can unload on Boyfriend, and a couple of close friends of mine, I don’t want to burden them with everything.

So, here I am, baring my soul into the relative dark and empty of the internet.  Maybe people will happen across this.  Maybe I’ll meet some like minded people in similar situations.  Who the hell knows?  But here I am – a woman who loves too much.


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