My relationship with my husband

I figure I’ll start off with talking about my relationship with Husband.  After all, we are married, and spend a great deal of our time together – and he’s very important to me, and is obviously my primary partner.

Husband and I met many years ago, through a couple of mutual friends.  We dated for a year or so, ended up engaged, and got married back in 2010.  While he and I were engaged, I confessed to him that I was polyamorous – that I have and could develop feelings for more than one partner at once – and that I hoped it wouldn’t destroy what we had.  He was very understanding, and was accepting of who I am.  (Which is one of the many reasons I love him – because he’s so accepting of me.)  When I’d told him, I was only vaguely interested in another woman – while she and I developed feelings for each other, it never went into full-fledged dating.  He was perfectly fine with my relationship with her – it was all online, with some phone calls and Skyping here and there, and when it ended, I was crushed.  I didn’t meet anyone I was interested in, romantically, until this past May.

We’re both intellectual, nerdy types – we like most of the same television shows, most of the same books, and understand each other in a way that not many other people do.  He accepts all of my oddities – he was very supportive when I dealt with depression, he’s understanding of my OCD, and seems to just completely understand me.  He’s the only person I’ve been able to live with for longer than six months, if that says anything – we’ve lived together for four years now.

We struggle with my polyamorous nature at times.  I worry that he thinks I’m going to leave him, that he doesn’t feel appreciated enough. I know that there are times where I don’t give him enough attention – and I have to work on that.  I’m working on finding ways to show him I appreciate him, that I love him, that I’m not going anywhere.  He’s one of few people, as I’ve said, that really gets me, and he’s a treasure.  I don’t want him thinking that I would just let him go at the drop of a hat.



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