A short update

I don’t want to get into too much detail, as I have someplace to go shortly, but…


  • M and I broke up back in mid-February.  We’re trying to stay friends.  It’s incredibly hard on me, considering I still love him so damn much.  We broke up because of the fact that we love each other – too much.  And the fact that M just can’t handle dating someone who’s in a relationship with someone else.  I wish that we could make it work, somehow, but he wants what he wants, and I don’t fit into what he wants.  It would hurt us both in the end if we tried to slap a bandaid on things and move on.
  • Things with A have stalled somewhat.  I dunno if they’ll go anywhere.
  • There’s lots of drama involving a third person, C – he wanted to date me while he was with his ex-girlfriend, but the ex was not fond of the idea.  So, when he finally got to the point where he was single and could cope with dating again, he decided to try to pursue things.  Husband said that C needed to pull himself together and be on a more even keel before he’d be okay with us dating.  Which is good, which is sane.  But C flip-flopped back into some stupid shit about wanting to be back with his ex, about how he loves her so much that he would marry her – even though she’s moved on.  Despite the fact that I have feelings for C, I am staying the fuck away right now.

That’s what’s going on with Belle’s Love Life.  I’ll write more later, I promise.


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